Hot Home Trends: Euro Metro Modern Furniture Design


You don’t have to be a hipster to decorate your home with modern furniture. Today, bright, sparse furniture is drawing on more than just its reputation for uncluttered, art-inspired designs. The iconic bright colors, pop art and sci-fi shapes of mid-century modern furniture are giving way to more understated colors and up-market designs.

"Euro-modern styles perfectly marry a light-filled, uncluttered, high-tech home with a comfortable, high-style, luxurious one," says Brenda Dillon, VP of Merchandising for Ashley Home Furniture. "This look is style with an edgy vibe. White leather. Black finishes. Clean textures. Chrome. These are some of the elements that make Euro style the hottest trend. It's modern style—all grown up!"

Ashley's new Euro pieces are smaller in scale for those who are space-challenged, as well as clean-lined with no ornamentation for a cool esthetic. They include:

Small-scale sectionals, modulars and sofas. These pieces create a number of set-up combinations to fit within any living area -- without sacrificing the comfort of the thick, boxed-seat cushions and backs surrounded in a soft chenille fabric.
Sleek, space saving tables. Choose from faux marble, travertine, chrome, and more for a cool, sophisticated palate that awakens the décor of any living area.
Innovative lighting designs. Say goodbye to sloped or angled lamp shades. Euro-modern designs feature straight shapes, including rectangular styles, as well as square and circular styles.
Abstract art. Modern art was made for modern furniture. Choose from big pieces, including art canvases without a frame. Hang a complementary pair of pictures together for a clean, modern look.
Bold accent pillows & rugs. Rich and contrasting textures are must-haves in a room with such clean lines. Ashley offers accessories that are a trendy counter point to the hip Euro feel, including shaggy rugs and throw pillows to contrast sleek chairs and shiny steel.